Why Kindness Matters by Cody

Why Kindness Matters by Cody

If kindness did not exist, then the world would be a nuclear wasteland and everyone would be wandering around in the streets with knots of anger in their chests. Everyone would be stealing and robbing from every store they could find. But because kindness exists, you could be friends with anyone. You can get groceries from Walmart or Safeway and can walk down the street without being mugged. I think random acts of kindness are the best because then people don’t ask and won’t take anything back from you. Someone did a random act of kindness to me. My mom, my little sister, my big sister and I were buying something at a convenience store and the guy behind us paid for our stuff. Kindness keeps families together. Kindness makes friends apologize to each other. Kindness is like bug spray, it repels hatred.

Why Kindness Matters by Mary

I think that kindness is important because kindness is a huge deal everywhere. We need kindness like we need air, if we didn’t have it the world would hardly exist. Kindness is so important to everyone. If nobody was ever kind, no one would ever be happy. If people aren’t nice they also won’t be happy. Being kind is free, it doesn’t cost a cent, everyone can do it, but still, people choose not to. If we didn’t have kindness the entire world wouldn’t be happy. Ever. We all need kindness if it didn’t exist, neither would we.  

¨No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.¨